Foundation Background

The Xu Family Charitable Foundation was established in July 2012 as a privately funded charity in Hong Kong. The founder, Dr Yong (Eric) Xu, believes in investing in people which is a guiding principle for the foundation’s work. Tapping into his experience as an entrepreneur, the foundation seeks to support projects that adopt an entrepreneurial mindset when addressing social issues. The foundation is also motivated by the need to inject positive energy into its supported causes and organizations which are committed to innovative solutions that bring about systemic change and sustainable impact to society.

The foundation has not limited itself geographically. Over the years, it has supported programmes in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States of America. Its key focus areas include education, elderly, development of the public welfare and social enterprise sector. A large variety of projects ranging from research and advocacy, talent development fellowship programmes, forums, documentaries and facility expansion are supported by the foundation. In addition, the foundation has set up several endowment funds in China and the United States of America.

Within China, the Beijing Yifang Foundation and the Henan Zhenyu Education Foundation help to expand the reach of the Xu Family Charitable Foundation. The Beijing Yifang Foundation was set up in 2013 with the mission to focus on public welfare and social enterprise research, supporting non-governmental public welfare organizations in order to promote social innovation and development. The foundation is most known for the JingE Fellowship which addresses critical social issues in China by funding the research of young leaders in the sector who are passionate about public welfare.

The Henan Zhenyu Education Foundation was officially registered only in 2018 but has been making an impact to Henan province since 2007. Formerly known as the Beijing Normal University Zhenyu Education Fund, it has trained 6,000 teachers in rural Henan which is the third most populated province in the country. Since its incorporation, the foundation has plans to further its work in the region, aiming to alleviate poverty by improving the education standard in Henan.

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